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University of Science and Technology of China University of Science and Technology of China Ph D thesis award Prof Guo s major research interests are in the theoretical and experimental study of quantum optics quantum cryptography

Kuk Hyun Han QEA Quantum inspired Genetic Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimization Problem quot in Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation Matthew Graydon of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is defending his thesis Combinatorics and more WordPress com Kristina Meier Annica explains that superconductivity is an entirely quantum mechanical phenomenon but it is fairly easy to observe and measure Wallenberg com

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  • LinTrap   Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy LinTrap   Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy A closer look at the quantum computing setup showing a box of mu metal for magnetic shielding  inside the vacuum vessel housing the ion trap and laser beam
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